our core team_

To create a new structure, you need different perspectives.
We come from real life businesses. From real-estate to manufacturing, from machine learning to university education, from stock market to crypto-currency mining.
It works. Together.

Tomasz Michalski
ceo & co-founder
Visionary, experienced manager & entrepreneur. Active in commerce and manufacturing industry. Built a prosperous door factory from the ground up, without prior experience in the industry. Strong business connections with China since 2006. Early adopter and miner of major crypto-currencies, including BTC, LTC, ETH. Currently an investor and big supporter of EOS.
Dominik Walaszek
cfo & co-founder
Entrepreneur and investor. CEO and co-owner of a manufacturing enterprise employing over 700 people. Early adopter of Industry 4.0 concept. Inspired by convergence of decentralized technologies. Educational background in corporate finance. Started with Ethereum, now a strong believer in EOS.
Marcin Ziętek
Strategy analyst, communications and PR
Blockchain and cryptocurrency expert, on the crypto-scene since 2012. Experienced in smart contracts platforms (Ethereum, EOS), with a deep understanding of blockchain and DLT, their potential and shortcomings. Strong PR and communication skills with good understanding of modern IT and blockchain tech. Renewable power, electric transport and AI systems expertise. IT consultant, formerly an SQL database designer with coding background.
Jakub Zarembiński
cto & co-founder
Entrepreneur, DLT consultant & researcher. Capable programmer specializing in Java and R. Over 12 years of experience, including 7 years with the banking sector. Expert in IT and business, especially in the domain of blockchain development and machine learning. Long-time supporter of BitShares, MaidSafe, Steem and now EOS.
Krzysztof Szumny
Full Stack Software Developer, former employee of Opera Software, ex-startup owner, co-organizer of Wrocław Blockchain Meetup. In crypto space since 2013. Focused on DPOS projects since start of Bitshares 2.0. Active user and white-hat hacker of Steem, fan of EOS.
Patryk Perduta
software development
Developer and systems administrator with extreme eagerness to security and blockchain technologies. Pioneer in Bitcoin mining. Steem supporter since mid-2016 (DPOS admirer). Devoted to EOS since Dan Larimer's announcement.
Jacek Kusiak
For more than 20 years active investor on the stock exchange (S&P500, DAX, CAC40, WIG) and real estate markets. President of the biggest Real Estate Association "Mieszkanicznik", with 20 offices around the world and 8k active investors. Currently involved in Ethereum, EOS, Bitcoin, Tezos projects and other upcoming ICOs.
Paweł Pacewicz
ICO Project Manager
Data scientist passionate about cryptocurrency, blockchain & data driven business with wide experience of IT business development. Experience supported with wide education: Executive MBA, Data Science, Mathematics, Probability and Statistics.
Wojciech Szpunar
market research
Huge crypto-currencies and blockchain enthusiast. Involved in BTC and LTC mining since 2013. Owner of well prospering, small family business. Always focused on details.

    Partners & Advisers_

    IT wizzard
    IT Wizard. System administrator. Systems architect. Security analyst. Penetration tester. Data recovery and forensic specialist. R&D: Decentralized digital ledgers. Heavy duty infrastructures for DPOS consensus models.
    Krzysztof Piech
    Lazarski University
    Professor at Lazarski University (among the best in Poland), former senior lecturer at the Institute of Political Economy, Law and Economic Policy, Warsaw School of Economics (SGH); President of the Institute of Knowledge and Innovation (Warsaw); CEO at Blockchain Technologies (Warsaw) and CEO at InvestOn Ltd.
    Jerzy Dobrowolski
    Corporate Banking
    Studied in Moscow and Poland. Started working in the banking sector in 1999. Worked in various fields including credit risk, restructuring and operations and system implementation. As of 2003 fully engaged in Treasury Departments in the sales division. Responsible for conducting transactions on forex, interest rates and commodity markets. Interested in Blockchain Technology as of 2017.

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